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Creative Vibraphone and Marimba Recording

Welcome to Anthony's remote creative recording service for the music, film, video and gaming industries.

If you are looking for someone who can contribute more than simply reading and playing the parts on vibraphone and marimba, this is the place for you!

With the studio set up running Logic Pro X, a Musser M75 vibraphone and an Adams 4.3 octave marimba, Anthony will play your written parts as well as contributing creative and improvised ideas drawn from his more than three decades working in studios and on stages with a vast array of big names from the music industry, 

Two revisions are always offered for every track to give you time to 'feel out' the best possible use of these beautiful instruments for maximum effectiveness in your project.


“Anthony Kerr is my ‘go to’ vibes man of choice, he has played on many recordings for me always with great taste, time, feel and a high quality studio quality sound’ 

Geoff Gascoyne - Composer, Arranger, Bassist for KPM Library, Sessionband apps

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