Jazz Improvisation Is Not A Mysterious Gift

For many musicians whose experience of playing has consisted of reading and learning pieces, the idea of playing without the security of sheet music, or a known and learned form, can be highly intimidating or even downright terrifying.

They observe that jazz musicians can "make it up as they go along", and the conclusion is quickly drawn that their abilities are innate gifts granted to a few special, creative souls and not available to the many. Often their early attempts to improvise from chord symbols turn out to be unsatisfying and disappointing, further reinforcing this limiting and untrue belief.

The reality is that the vocabulary of jazz language has a structure which, like any other language, can be learned and absorbed in stages, each one being built upon the foundation of the one before. And we can always start that journey from where you are at the present time, even if the sum total of your theoretical knowledge is a single major scale.

In Anthony's Jazz Improvisation Program, students learn the relationship between chord symbols and effective jazz lines, how to use 'tension' and 'resolution' notes to create interesting melodies, how to build a solo and how the interpretation of chord symbols varies according to the context and the functional role of the different instruments which make up the jazz group.

This information is applicable to all instruments in the world of jazz.

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